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Innovative Solutions for Industrial Gas Users, Distributors and Producers

From Cylinders to On-Site

Comprised of executive-level professionals, O2-N2 Consulting Group is an experience-based analytical, consulting, and training company that provides services to industrial gas users, distributors, and producers.


Customers benefit from the group’s extensive expertise in the areas of industrial gas production and distribution, particularly with regard to air separation products(Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, and Rare Gases) and process gases (Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Syngas, Helium, and Carbon Dioxide).


Our sevices are based on knowledge gained from hands on experience working in the idustrial gas industry.  We have knowledge and experience in operations, distribution, commercial contracting, competitive analysis, project development, partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alliances, and marketing.


O2-N2 Consulting Group is a results oriented organization that has been working with clients in providing solutions for over 10 years.  To learn more about O2-N2 Consulting Group, please visit the remainder of our site. Additionally, please feel free to complete the Request More Information form to contact us directly.